IntentionHaus 2023

IntentionHaus 2023 is a year-in-review, reflection and intention-setting retreat that was held in Lake Nona, Florida from January 13-16, 2023.

IntentionHaus 2023

Hello 2023! Goodbye 2022!

The IntentionHaus 2023 year-in-review, reflection and intention-setting retreat was held from January 13-16, 2023. Over the course of over 4 days and 3 nights, retreat participants reflected on the previous year, assessed their values and needs, restored their bodies, focussed their minds, and kickstarted 2023 with renewed intentions for thriving for the rest of the year.

The retreat was held in the heart of Lake Nona, Florida, an innovative well-being community in the Orlando area. Retreat participants stayed at the Lake Nona Wave Hotel, a beautiful luxury wellness hotel in the heart of the community.

The retreat participants, Amy, Ivy and Lisa, became the founding members of The Thrivers Collective!